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Owlcrate Unboxing October 2018

Today I want to share my Owlcrate unboxing.

I’ve been an Owlcrate subscriber for about 4 months now, I believe.

I started doing unboxing videos for Instagram.

Then I decided putting unboxing videos on my actual blog would probably benefit me better as a blogger!

After my unboxing of this months box, I will share with you what I got in past boxes… and I apologize ahead of time if I forget anything that was in a particular box.

But first..

I want to take this time to apologize for my lack of posting this past week.

The company I work for had their annual Bootcamp last week Wednesday-Saturday.

There we no posts last week because the Bootcamp took up my whole day and there wasn’t much down time for quiet writing.

Later this week i want to share some interesting things I learned at this year’s Bootcamp.

I’ll be sure to link that post to this article when it’s up and ready.

You see…

I work for an online copywriting company.

I am a content marketer for a company that sells online programs that teach members and help members live their ‘writer’s life’.

If you don’t know what copywriting is…

It’s writing persuasively to sell a product, service, or idea.

Just about anything and everything you read can be… and probably was, written by a copywriter.

While writing to sell something doesn’t interest me too much, the company I work for also works with experts in content writing and web writing and email writing…

I like to use some of the things I learn and apply it to my personal blog writing… instead of writing for a client.

So, there were some things I learned this year that I think all my readers who are interested in blogging would enjoy reading about!

I just need to organize my notes and get a decent post written up…

Hopefully I can do that over the weekend and get in published early in the week.

Now back to the Owlcrate unboxing…

October Owlcrate Unboxing

October Owlcrate Unboxing

October Owlcrate Items

That was my October unboxing.

I promise I will get better with the unboxings each month until I find a strategy that I like.

Practice makes perfect, right?


Don’t tell my high school soccer coach that I said that.

He always told us that you cannot be perfect…

But that practice makes permanent.

Which makes perfect sense for sports.

Anyway… sorry for getting off topic.

Let me tell you about the past three Owlcrate boxes I received.

(again, I apologize if I miss anything.)

July Owlcrate unboxing

This isn’t really an unboxing… but you know repeating the headline in an < h2 > is good for SEO or whatever.


I don’t remember 🙁


Stay Peculiar pennant inspired by Miss Peregrines series.

Harry Potter inspired sticker art.

Art print Whale with books

Skeleton push pins for a cork board.

Ouija tin with mints.

Wallet inspired by The Raven Boys series.


My Plain Jane

August Owlcrate unboxing


Ruthless Royals


Stranger Things POP keychain

Book shaped storage tin inspired by The Cruel Prince.

Tea towel inspired by ACOTAR series.

Art print inspired by Before She Ignites.

Pocket Mirror

Genuine Agate ring


Grace and Fury

September Owlcrate unboxing


Masters of Disguise


Bath soak inspired by The Diabolic

Exclusive fingerless Owlcrate gloves.

Ceramic mug inspired by Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. (This is the most beautiful mug I’ve ever seen)

Apple mint lip balm inspired by The Kiss of Deception.

Lila Bard art print from the Shades of Magic series.



As you can see I kept the card from September, but can’t seem to find the cards from the other two months.

But I can honestly say that I am so happy I decided to subscribe to Owlcrate.

If you don’t want to subscribe yourself, it would also make a great gift… the Holiday’s are right around the corner!

And here’s the book flap pictures I promised in the video.

You can click on the titles of each book to get more information about the book from Amazon:

Pride and Shadow of the Fox

October Owlcrate Unboxing Book 1
October Owlcrate Unboxing Book 2

I forgot to show you next months Owlcrate theme in the video above.

So here it is:

October Owlcrate Unbloxing November Theme

And here’s the sneak peak:

October Owlcrate Unboxing November Sneak Peak

If you don’t already subscribe to Owlcrate I do recommend it, and Owlcrate would make a great gift as well!

Perfect the book lover in your life, especially if that’s you…

And don’t forget to check out my last post on Book Podcasts that you should start listening to today.

Also, if you see a book you love on here they all link to Amazon, but you can find most of these books on Book Depository as well.

Happy Reading!

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