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Book Lover Gifts

I’ve gathered some ideas for fun book lover gifts to get for that book lover in your life.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to buy gifts!

I know we all have that book lover in our life.

Maybe you’re that book lover (I know I am).

And as a book lover, for some reason, people aren’t huge fans of buying me books.

No matter how many books I ask for…

I almost never get books.

I don’t know why!

But today I’m here to give some ideas that book lovers are bound to love, and gift buyers might actually buy for them.

So let’s get into it…

Book Lover Gifts List:

Book Lover Gifts- Social Media


Book Light

Yes, this is a book shaped light…

How freaking cool is that!

Jane Austen Book Coasters


Nobody can have too many coasters in their home.

Dramatic Bookends

I think these bookends are just too cute.

There are so many different options on Amazon.

Book Keychain

I love this Louisa May Alcott quote.

And who wouldn’t want to have this on their keychain to see every day!

Bookish Candle


There are so many different bookish scents out there that book lovers will absolutely adore.

Who doesn’t love a great smelling candle while you’re relaxing with a book in your hand?

Keyboard Waffle Iron

There are some pretty cool waffle irons out there, but if you have a book lover/writer in your life, this is the waffle iron for them!

Book Laptop Case

Now even your laptop can look like a book!

Floating bookshelves

I love these floating bookshelves.

It looks like your books are just floating on your wall:

Book Lovers Gift Floating Shelf

Shakespearean Insults Mug

There is nothing better than a good Shakespearean insult.

As an English major, I had to put this one on the list.

I wish I had this mug while I was in college!

Literary cocktail book

This is perfect for your book club.

Unique Bookmarks

I love a great unique bookmark.

And you can never have too many bookmarks!

Book Jewelry box

Love, love, love this!!

The perfect box for your jewelry.


How many bookish pillows and pillowcases are out there?

A lot!

Seriously just look around a little and you’re bound to find the perfect one for your book lover.

Tea bags

Know a book lover that also loves tea?

I know you do…


You can never have too many socks!

Mug Shots

How cool are these?


Yes, please!!!


Punctuation earrings are so cute.

And, you can keep them in your book jewelry box!

Library Due date cards

These are so cute to just use as every day note cards!

A few months subscription to Owlcrate

You can check out my last Owlcrate unboxing.

And see how awesome this book box subscription is!

Your book lover will absolutely love this!

There you go… 20 book lover gifts ideas to buy that book lover in your life…

Or put on your list for people to buy you!

But seriously, if a book lover asks for books on Christmas, the perfect gift is, in fact, books! Don’t be afraid to buy a book lover some more books (there’s no such thing as too many books to a book lover).

Happy Holiday’s everyone.


Happy Reading!

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