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Writing Prompts

Hello All

I apologize for being MIA this past week. 

At my day job everyone was on from out of town and we had meetings and went out to lunch everyday and had our company Christmas party, and even went out to dinner one night…

So, I was a bit exhausted every day after work and I just didn’t spend any time on my blog. 

Today I have a list of writing prompts to share with you. 

It’s not a very long list, but I think there are some pretty great prompts. 

and then later this week I’ll have my Owlcrate unboxing video for the month of December. 

Let’s get into it…

Here are some writing prompts to help get your creativity flowing. 

  1. Describe a wedding from three different points of view
  2. Two people meeting each other for the very first time
  3. Summarize the first book you have memory of reading / being read to you.
  4. Two people who haven’t seen each other in years run into each other
  5. The last dream you can remember having
  6. Your dream place to live (doesn’t have to be real)
  7. Your biggest fear described as a living thing
  8. When you kiss someone, you can see their darkest secrets
  9. Write about two of your favorite characters from different worlds meeting each other
  10. Write about your life in another dimension
  11. Can you kill a monster without becoming one
  12. Rewrite the ending to the last book you read
  13. Write about why he waited at the airport

There are 13 writing prompts for you to choose from, be creative!

And look out for my Owlcrate unboxing video later this week!

Happy Reading!

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