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Bullet Journal

I think I am going to start a bullet journal this year…

Well, I am starting one, but I think (hope) I’m going to use it throughout the year and not give up on it.

Bullet Journal Pinterest

I’ve heard some good things about keeping a bullet journal.

And you can make it colorful, I’m all for color coordinating things.

I want to use it for my blog, for my writing, for my personal budget, my reading, health… Everything

A bullet journal can be used for everything right?

Here are some ideas I have for my journal:

Bullet Journal Idea 1: Books read

Bullet Journal Books

My goal is to read 50 books this year, but I would love to get to 100 if time allows me to!

Bullet Journal Idea 2: Write 30 mins a day

Bullet Journal Month

I want to write 30 minutes a day, hopefully more, but I need to start off realistic.

Once I get in the habit of writing 30 minutes a day maybe I’ll start to write more.

Bullet Journal Idea 3: Savings from each paycheck

Bullet Journal Savings

(We get paid biweekly, a couple months a year we get three paychecks in the month, most months it’s 2 paychecks… That’s why there are 3 lines)

My husband and I are saving up to buy a home early next year.

I want to put so much away in the savings every paycheck.

I don’t have a set amount yet, I still have credit cards to pay off, but any little bit helps.

Whether it be $50 one paycheck or $200 one paycheck, I need to put something away from each paycheck to start seeing my savings grow and get closer to my dream home.

Bullet Journal Idea 4: Monthly goals

(see pic under write 30 mins a day)

Each month I want to have achievable goals.

I want to give myself the motivation I need to keep pushing through each month!

bullet journal soda

One of my goals is only drinking one soda a day.

I’ve been really good only drinking one soda a day, but sometimes I drink more.

I want to keep track of the soda’s I have each day and maybe by the end of the year I’ll only be drinking soda for special occasions.

I don’t drink alcohol, Pepsi is kind of like my alcohol.

I’m addicted.

If I can get down to maybe only drinking on the weekends, just one for lunch on Saturday and Sunday I would be really happy.

I don’t want to stop drinking all together. I also don’t want my mind to think of it as stopping drinking soda, because then I’ll probably fail.

But if I see it as a reward, once a day for now, only on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in the future, I’m more likely to reach that goal.

Bullet Journal Idea 5: Daily Walks

(see pic under write 30 mins a day)

I currently take my dog on a walk every morning.

Well, I try to every morning, sometimes I press snooze one too many times.

That just isn’t fair to her.

I would love to start doing an AM and a PM walk with her.

It would be good for both of us.

Bullet Journal Idea 6: Wish List

Bullet Journal Wish List

This will be a list of things that come up that my husband or I would love to have.

Once I know what one of us wants, and the price, I can start putting some money away each paycheck to go towards it.

I want to stop using credit cards for big purchases just because we have that amount of money free.

That’s one of my goals, is to pay off all my credit cards within the next two years, only use for emergencies or if I can pay back immediately (just to get points or whatever the credit card offers).

Bullet Journal Idea 7: Blog Posts

Bullet Journal Blog Post

Currently I post two blog posts a week, I’d love to have enough material to post more than that, but I need to come up with some good ideas that I’m passionate about.

At this point my bullet journal is very minimalistic…

I’m sure I’ll add more to my bullet journal once more ideas come to me.

But, that’s what I have for now!

This will be my first attempt to have a bullet journal.

I hope it works out.

Do you keep a bullet journal, if so what do you put in it?

Happy Reading (and journaling)!

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