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Renegades: A Review

I finished Renegades by Marissa Meyer last night.

I did not write my thoughts and feelings from each day I read the book.

It took me about 1 week to finish the book.

And I loved it!

Just this morning, before getting on here to write about Renegades I put Archenemies on hold at my local library.

I have the paperback version of Renegades and currently only the hardback version of Archenemies is available… I don’t like to have two different styles of books for the same series.

Also, I’m trying to save money this year. Which means I have to limit the spending I do on books.

I know… it sucks!

How do you limit your book spending? It’s not easy. I like to own the books I love.

However, my goal is to just rent from the library, and make a list of the books I love so much I want to own…

Then after I buy a home with the money I’ve been saving for a down payment, I can slowly start to buy the books I want!

It’s not easy but I’m trying.

It’s also not easy to write multiple blog posts a week especially when work has been taking so much energy from me lately.

I want to have a better system of writing posts, I want to set aside time everyday to write.

I need to do better and I’m working on it.

For now, lets talk about Renegades.

Renegades Review


Like I said, it took me about a week to finish the book.

It is so freaking good!

maybe it’s just the high I’m on so recently after finishing it, but I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.

Now I thought the book as a whole was good…

But let me tell you something.

If you read Renegades and throughout the book you’re like ‘wow, this great’… you’ll have no words for how the book ends.

That ending left me freaking speechless.

Like oh you think this book great, wait till I end it with a f*%#ing bang. (I had to put the symbols there to add more emphasis to the word, the word itself just doesn’t do it for this ending)

You know who I feel bad for?

The people who picked up Renegades when it was first released and then after reading that ending they had to wait forever for the second book to be released.

I just have to wait for my local library to tell me it’s ready to be picked up… It’s currently 10am here and the library doesn’t open till 12 and I can hardly handle it.

I’m also upset that I’ll have to wait till November for book 3…

Because if she ended book one like that I can only imagine how she will end book two.

Marissa Meyer

I’ve never read any of Marissa Meyer’s other books.

Though I do own Heartless and Cinder

I just haven’t picked them up yet.

But, after how much I loved Renegades I might have to pick up her other series soon.


Nova or Nightmare – So far I’m actually pretty impressed with Nova. She doesn’t have any qualities that I hate about her yet. She’s fierce and determined. But I have to say I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t figured out Adrian’s secret yet…

Adrian or Sketch or The Sentinel – Adrian is pretty great, though he seems a little naive to me. I think he will learn a lot form Nova, and hope when he finds out her secret that he will understand.

There are many other characters. But they all have their name’s and their prodigy names. It’s a lot to keep up with. And anyway, Nova and Adrian are the most important.

I definitely recommend this book.

Though if you hate waiting for the next book to be released I suggest waiting until November to start reading the trilogy.

Because Marissa Meyer really knows how to end a book with a surprise you didn’t expect.

Have you read a Marissa Meyer book? How’d you like it?

Happy Reading!

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